", "coldrain FATELESS 2017 5th Album CD New Japanese Alternative Rock w/Tracking No", "Coldrain "Vena" (2015 – Hopeless Records)", "Coldrain Break Out Some Nu Metal Hardcore in "Speak" Music Video [Japan]", Australian Recording Industry Association, "coldrain :: ROTTENGRAFFTY Tribute Album ~MOUSE TRAP~ (CD)", "NOMINEES | SPACE SHOWER MUSIC AWARDS 2020", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Coldrain&oldid=987896919, Japanese alternative metal musical groups, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 9 November 2020, at 21:51. I can't wait for everyone to hear the songs, learn the words and sing them with us live. Until then, I pray for everyone's health and dream of being able to welcome Coldrain's Yokohama Arena performance in perfect condition. Dr. Katsuma活動休止のお知らせ いつもcoldrainを応援していただき、ありがとうございます。 この度、ドラムのKatsumaは以前から患っていた病気の療養のため7月18日(水)のイベント出演を最後にしばらく活動を休止することと The tour would also feature a spot for the Japanese rockers at Slam Dunk Festival on May 29, 30 and 31st. ", "coldrain announces release of video work "LIVE & BACKSTAGE AT BLARE FEST.2020" and cancels performance at Yokohama Arena", "Coldrain announces the cancellation of Yokohama Arena performance + "BLARE FEST.2020" video work", "Coldrain - REVOLUTION (LIVE AT BLARE FEST.2020)", "Coldrain to Support Bullet for My Valentine", "Have You Heard Of Coldrain? "See You" on January 17, 2020 and "Speak" on March 21, 2020. [32] "[38], The international edition of the album was subsequently released on 23 June in Europe, and 24 June in North America. この度、ドラムのKatsumaは以前から患っていた病気の療養のため7月18日(水)のイベント出演を最後にしばらく活動を休止することとなりました。 2020 that would slated for release on October 28, 2020. We'll be able to make it to the rocks by October, can't we?! [34] To promote it, they released a live performance of "Revolution" at Blarefest on the band's YouTube channel. On 7 December of the same year, the band released their first DVD, Three Days of Adrenaline,[12] which was recorded in three cities: Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo. [54][55][56], On 17 August, Coldrain released their third maxi-single Vena II worldwide, with new songs "Born to Bleed" and "Undertow" and new acoustic versions of "Gone" and "The Story". [62][63], The band's official tour, FATELESS JAPAN TOUR 2017, began on 29 October 2017. The band released their debut EP: Nothing Lasts Forever on 23 June 2010. The limited edition included a DVD which featured the music video of the title song and three live videos: "Fiction", "Painting", and "Come Awake". [11], On 16 February 2011, Coldrain released their second album called The Enemy Inside, which keeps the melodic vocals and breakdown parts of the last songs. "[5] Thereafter, each time they interacted, they wanted to form a new band together. Now that various forms have been explored and the number of festivals and artists holding festivals and artists has increased by reducing the number of people, it may appear that it is possible to hold them somehow. ", "Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme VS. 2 launches October 30 in Japan", "coldrain bring about a "REVOLUTION" with digital single", "Masato David Hayakawa on Instagram: "DAY1 @yamada_mphoto, "【重大NEWS①】最強の5本 #BDB19 ありがとうございました!!少し早いですが、夏後半からの活動告知をさせて下さい! 今夏NEW FULL ALBUM THE SIDE EFFECTS" 発売!!そして9月から全国10箇所11公演のワンマンツアーを開催!!只今よりオフィシャル先行受付開始", "Even more names added to packed Download Festival 2019 line-up", "Coldrain sends peaceful message in "Coexist" music video, from the album "The Side Effects, "coldrain - COEXIST (Official Music Video)", "【NEW ALBUM】12曲入りの新作"ザ・サイドエフェックス"8月28日発売!!INNI VISION監督作アルバムメイキング映像DVD付き初回限定盤や初のTシャツ、キーホルダー、シューレース付き限定BOXもあり!(各デザイン近日発表)9/22にZEPP NAGOYAからスタートするワンマンツアーもチケット一般発売中!!pic.twitter.com/KVruyHZz54", "NEW VIDEO coldrain - THE SIDE EFFECTS A FILM BY INNI VISION #coldrain #TheSideEffectspic.twitter.com/5Y50HleP9o", "Masato David Hayakawa on Instagram: "言葉で説明しようと思ったけどやっぱり観て聴いて感じた事が全てなので本日深夜公開よろしくお願いします。和訳、字幕も付いています。 MVを普段撮るタイプの曲ではないけど、何としてでも撮らせてくれという仲間の言葉が響きました。ありがとう。 Sharing a very…, "Coldrain perform "Fire Force" anime's new opening theme song", "Coldrain, from the latest album "MAYDAY (feat. 夏フェス、ツアーを控えているこのタイミングでステージに立てないこと、 これからもよろしくお願いします。, アーティスト 新体感ライブ CONNECT|MY FIRST STORY TOUR 2020 Acoustic Set!! Let's make a happy live performance as much as you can endure. [43] On 28 August, the band released the song "Words of the Youth" from Vena,[44] another lead-single "Gone" was later released on 16 September, both from their upcoming fourth studio album, which was eventually released worldwide on October 23, 2015 which was released only two days prior, on October 21, in Japan. [52][53] They reported that no one was hurt, but they had to cancel their show in Tulsa as they had no means of transport to get there. 術後の経過を診ての復帰になるのでハッキリとした時期のメドは立てられないけど By their third album, The Revelation, coldrain's music came to be defined as a mix of post-hardcore and metalcore. [80][81] Hayakawa had specifically asked for "January 1st" to get a music video because it was deeply personal to him, a ballad for the band which typically wouldn't become a single for an album produced by the band. The September tour would include 11 shows at 10 venues across Japan. But there is no hesitation. The group made their worldwide debut in 2014 with the reissue of The Revelation, which was previously released in 2013 under the label VAP, with the worldwide edition being released under Hopeless Records and Sony Music. [88] A notable gig that got cancelled was their highly anticipated performance at the Yokohama Arena in Yokohama, which was scheduled for October 18, 2020 that was later cancelled on September 4.[89][90]. タイトル [20] During the summer, they finally returned to the stage at Summer Sonic Festival 2012. 2020」のバックステージとライブ映像を収録したDVD「coldrain - LIVE & BACKSTAGE AT BLARE FEST.2020」を発売予定。, ボーカルのMasatoは学生時代野球、バスケ、サッカー、ラクロスなどをやっていた。ちなみに野球のポジションはライトだったらしい。, coldrainの1stシングルは「Fiction」ですが、実は当時「8AM」とどっちを先に出すかを悩んでたらしい。, 1stアルバムの曲にも拘わらず現在でもトリを務める「Final Destination」、実は当初「Anastasia(アナスタシア)」と言う名前だったらしい。メロディーも違ったとのこと。, 「TO BE ALIVE」のPV収録は気温マイナス10度の極寒の中で行われた。車の中に置いてきたコーラが凍ったという。, 「ADRENALINE」の歌詞で「We are chasing Red Bulls after taking shots」と言う歌詞があるが、現在はRed Bullsの部分をMonsterに替えている(Monster Energy Musicと契約してるから?)。, 2ndミニアルバム「Through Clarity」はバンド初のアメリカ収録となり、Katsumaは時差ボケなどで最初は調子よくなかったらしい。, 以前「AWARE AND AWAKE」や「R.I.P」などで使われてるメガホンはドン・キホーテで仕入れてたらしい。, 「AWARE AND AWAKE」のPV撮影は雨の中で行われ、Katsumaの機材がダメになったらしい。, 2018年の武道館ライブではMasatoがcoldrain史上初の無線マイクを使用(Runaway、24-7、Die tomorrow の三曲)理由は「使いたかった」らしい。ちなみにKatsumaはライブ中に気づかなかったらしい。, 「COEXIST」のPVに出ている口がない白肌の男はMasatoが演じている。尚、PV撮影時のエピソードについて口がない状態が8時間続いたことや、RxYxOがこれを演じる案も一応あったことがBarBooでの出演で語られている。. [106], Early in its career the band played songs that sounded like alternative rock and especially like post-hardcore,[1][107] accompanied by guitar pieces reminiscent of classic metalcore[95] and thrash metal riffs. [22][23], On 30 November, coldrain announced they would be in the studio from December to February to record their third studio album with David Bendeth. [72], Coldrain would also then go onto a European tour in June 2019 to promote their upcoming record by playing the first single "Revolution" at all their shows, including major festivals such as Rock am Ring and Rock im Park,[73][74] finishing off at the highly acclaimed Download Festival where they played on the Dogtooth Stage. 1 coldrainってどんなバンド?; 2 coldrainのメンバーのプロフィールは?; 3 ボーカルMasatoさん; 4 ギター・プログラミングY.K.Cさん; 5 ギター・バリトンギター・ボーカルSugiさん; 6 ベース・ボーカルRxYxOさん; 7 ドラムKatsumaさん; 8 coldrainのボーカルのmasatoの人気は? 歌唱力についても調査して … [24][25] On 2 March 2013, they performed at Megaport Music Festival in Kaohsiung for 5,000 people, along with many other artists such as Grizzly Bear, Cyndi Wang, Boris, Head Phones President, SiM, LTK Commune, Guntzepaula and Chochukmo. "[109], 2007–2008: Formation and major label debut, "-異種格闘技対談-Ring【round2】第14回/Masato(coldrain)", "AVER - Voices over bullets (Masato and Katsuma from coldrain)", "スペースシャワーTV | レコメンドアーティスト - The Revelation / coldrain", "アニメ はじめの一歩 New Challenger:PROMOTION SITE", "coldrain - Three Days Of Adrenaline official trailer", "coldrain 「No Escape」BIOHAZARD OPERATION RACCOON CITY TRAILER VERSION - Single", "coldrain、『バイオハザード オペレーション・ラクーンシティ』CMソングタイアップが決定!", "Biohazard: Operation Raccoon City Special Edition features "No Escape, "ナタリー - coldrainドラムKatsumaが病気療養のためバンド一時離脱", "Twitter / MTH_OFFICIAL: 姫路から広島に移動。朝早い集合なのになかなか眠れず… ...", "2013/03/02(土) - 2013/03/03(日) 2013 大港開唱 MEGAPORT FESTIVAL", "音樂祭:2013 - 大港開唱 @ Paradise City :: 痞客邦 ::", "Ozzfest Japan 2013、最終ラインナップを発表。ももクロの出演が決定", "Coldrain announce mini album and debut UK shows", "Official Band Score "THE SCORE 2007-2013" 発売日決定!", "coldrain、4/30にリリースする2nd DVD & 1st Blu-ray『EVOLVE』の詳細を発表!", "Coldrain to Release New Blu-ray/DVD in April", "Rockers coldrain to Play at U.K. Rock Fes "DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL 2014, "Welcome coldrain to the Hopeless Records Family", "coldrain Announce New Album 'The Revelation, "coldrain、6/18に3rdミニ・アルバム『Until The End』リリース決定!", "Coldrain deliver a stellar EP, but have we heard it before?

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