Tags that revolt from Andesia now automatically join a faction to work together to crush Argentina, If Brazil is a puppet or was Balkanized by Patagonia then they too can join the faction to crush Andesia, When a tag revolts against Andesia it automatically goes to war, no longer can you opt to not go to war, Andesia now peaces out with the revolters after its full collapse. Apocalypse The Second World War Soundtrack. Мод для HoI 4, который добавляет в игру идеи из Europa Universalis IV. Finished the localization and added a new focus filter for the Legation Cities tree, New German and Japanese commanders for the Legation Cities, they leave if either group takes over the Cities, Legation Cities can now pay pp to boost their relationship with Zongchang-led Shandong, leading to better trade power and civilian economy to be diverted from Shandong to them, Iceland has received a new leader for the social democratic party, Added new news events for Russian leadership changes, Reduced focus times on Indian focus trees, Moved Indian focuses which would add cores to regained Indian states to be decisions instead. The game rule adds a setting for a pre-1939 WK2 beginning to either be rare or unrestricted (meaning it simply depends on the regular chances of the events involved). Fixed two Bulgarian generals still being available as ministers after they’re purged, Fixed PatAut Brazil being unable to remove negative national spirits, Fixed the Swedish syndicalist flag which was not properly rendering, Updated the Colombian, Montenegrin and Venezuelan flags so they are now using the correct colors, Made some changes to the peace conference code which could cause a crash if too many countries were capitulating at the same time. Paraguay's elections now check for Estigarribia being in power correctly. Attacking Bulgaria and retaking them after the end of the chain allows Serbia to establish cores via decision on Bulgarian core lands, Added alternate effects for RUS Okhrannoye Otdeleniye ideas so they are more useful to non-La Resistance owner, Siam finally gets its own balancing adjustment (read: "nerfed hard across the board"), Redone localisation for a majority of Mongolia’s early events, Zhang Xueliang’s demands to Japan will now be delivered immediately, Reformgruppe African puppets are now puppets of Germany, not Mittelafrika. Fixed Long Yun's non-civil war takeover not adding the correct ministers. I made this small mod that adds 4 decisions for myself, and decided to upload it too. Flanders-Wallonia no longer starts with a land doctrine and Electrical Engineering researched, which was making it more advanced than every other country in the game. Added Ask of Thyself, Crown Imperial, a new version of Land of Hope and Glory, Fantasia on British Sea Songs, Here's A Health unto his Majesty, I vow to Thee My Country, Keep the Home Fires Burning, Soldiers of the King, Song of Liberty and Sons of the Brave.

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